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Christian Dating with 2Blend

Tips for Scoring Dates 

2Blend's community site first and foremost works like a dating site where you can meet people with interest and desires just like yours. There are several things you can do to raise your ability to land a date and meeting an interesting person. Keep in mind that online dating has grown over the years and millions of people who meet on this site eventually, go on to have amazing relationships.

Pick someone with similar interests 

 2Blend doesn’t force you to narrow down to your niche interest. However, it does encourage you to create a bond with people who share as many of your core interests as possible. It’s possible to meet individuals who share your spiritual outlook, love for outdoors/indoors or even profession.

Avoid Being Too Choosy

 The stark reality of modern day dating is that we walk around with a shopping list of what the partner should have. It’s okay to have expectations but don’t be too stuck up on them that you miss out on beautiful people only because they don’t fully fit your list. You may not like to meet someone for a particular reason, but sometimes be open to a date. They may just surprise you by who they turn out to be.

Be Forthright

From the beginning, aim to be truthful, honest and forthcoming. Most often when writing our profile, it is very easy to stretch the truth. You may want to use your best photo possible that’s been edited or paint yourself as happier, successful than you are. Being authentic means that someone will love you for who you are and not who they think you are based on a false or faulty impression. At the same time watch out for overselling by your potential date to avoid getting disappointed.

Grow into it

 Sometimes in the excitement of meeting someone new we could be overbearing, over-communicative and even downright annoying. As a dating site, 2Blend can help you meet someone quickly if you observe these three things. First, narrow your focus. You can do this by mentioning the basic profile stuff like whether you have children, geographical location, race, etc. Secondly stay safe. Never give out personal information. Make sure you meet in public spaces and inform your close friends or family where you are the entire time.


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